Connecting PYNQ-Z2 to Vivado Hardware Manager

Hi all,

I would like to use the Vivado Hardware Manager to debug my overlay that I have deployed onto my PYNQ-Z2 board. I understand that I can use the Integrated Logic Analyzer IP to take a look at what my design is doing in real-time, but am not sure what I need to do to connect to the PYNQ board.

I can connect to the board over Ethernet ( but am unable to see the board appear in my Serial (COM / LPT) devices in Device Manager.

Do I need to install device specific drivers? If so, where do I do so?

I am running Windows 10, Vivado 2019.1.1, and a PYNQ 2.5 image.

Thank you!

How did you try to connect via COM port?

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I do not even see the COM port appear in Device Manger, so there is no COM port to connect to.

I wonder if the issues could be related to me not installing the relevant drivers, as described in here. Jtag connection PYNQ-Z2
However, I have gone into Vivado and tried to update the Cable Drivers from there already.

There is also this forum post that discusses how to add this Digilent driver for the Pynq-Z1, but I am using a Pynq-Z2 board. Would I still need to install this driver? Connecting PuTTy Serial line COM port

Thank you for the help!

You need to connect to the board with a USB cable (this sets up a JTAG connection) to use Vivado hardware manager (not Ethernet).
Are you doing this?


Yes, I have connected the PYNQ board to my computer via both Ethernet and USB.