Change PS frequency in PYNQ z2

How can I change the default running frequency of PS Kernal from Jupiter notebook?

from pynq import Clocks
Clocks.fclk0_mhz = 200
Is this the correct way? Will my PL also run on the same frequency with this method?
Also, how can I configure the VGA monitor parameters according to changing frequency?

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I don’t believe PYNQ supports changing the PS clock, only the PL clocks. The docs say that support is provided for setting the PL clocks only. ( Module — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq))

Also, in the code, it mentions that “The CPU, and other source clocks, by default, should not get changed.” PYNQ/ at 59515a9b5de6fad0ff0538bfc50010b16f53c9a8 · Xilinx/PYNQ · GitHub

So the example that you are giving is only changing one of the PL clocks, not the PS clock.

If you want to change the PS clock frequency dynamically, you can access the System Level Control Register (SLCR), but you’d have to do this outside of PYNQ.

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Thanks you for your confirmation. I have a doubt. When I am running any code on time rr when I store any code in sd card. Is it running on PS or PL?

No problem. The script will execute on the PS but could interact with hardware configured on the PL, for example toggling LEDs that might be connected to the PL.

So is there any way to change the frequency of board using IP catalog and use that in Juypiter for running any process using the same frequency which we have set in PLL hardware? Any resources on this.