Frequency of Operation of PYNQ-Z2

How to measure the PL frequency of operation on PYNQ-Z2?

I also want to know at what frequency my kernel is getting executed on the board?

The clocks should be automatically configured to whatever clock you set in your Vivado design.

You can read back and set the clocks. Be careful about changing the clock. You design was built and verified in Vivado to meet a specific clock. If you change it, you design may not meet timing and you may get errors.

See this notebook:


I was able to successfully get the four clock frequencies. But I don’t know which clock is my IP using. How do I find that out?

You would have connected one of the PS → PL clocks in Vivado (most likely clock “0”)
The FCLK0 - FCLK3 correspond to the PS → PL clocks.