Encrypted image for specific board

First of all, my apologies if the question is irrelevant to pynq or immature itself.
Is there any way to encrypt the booting process of pynq and encrypt sd card image files to avoid the access of files to the end-user? basically, i don’t want end-user to look into the code and hwh/bitstream files. Is it possible in PYNQ?

Hi there,

I’m really not sure. In your use case, does the end-user still need to use Jupyter? If you just want to have 1 application exposed, you could employ some firewall rules and close off all ports not related to that application.

For example, you could have a Voila dashboard running on the board and have the user connect to that, but since dashboards prevent you from executing arbitrary code they would only be able to interact with the widgets you provide.

I’m not too well versed on encryption. From what I know, on ubuntu, you have an option to encrypt your drive during install. Don’t think we have this on PYNQ.


Hi Shawn,

does the end-user still need to use Jupyter?

No, even no other interface is needed. Everything is controlled via an outside mainboard.
I just don’t want end-user to have access to see the Linux file system through sd card reading.