Generating Shared Objects

Hi, I have created the bitstream, .hwh and .tcl file for my model, next I need to generate the shared object files for the PYNQ implementation. I am using this resource as a reference, however, I am not sure how to get started.

  1. Are the shared object files be created from the testbench of my Vivado HLS implementation? Like preprocessing, inference functions used in the simulations, etc. If so, what to do about the structures and datatypes that are specific to HLS like ap_int?

  2. What’s the difference between HW and SW .so files?

  3. Do I have to change my entire HLS implementation to incorporate pure C/C++ conventions in the testbench, thus in the .so files?

Any help or further documentation will be great. Thank you

If you are referring to FINN, you can request support here: