Gnuradio Real Time Scheduling problem

Hi, am working with Pynq 2.6 under RFSoC.

I have installed gnuradio 3.9 with SAME INSTALLATION COMMANDS, both at an Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine, and at RFSoC (Pynq 2.6 is based on ubuntu 18.04):

The thing is the gnuradio flowgraphs I made are working perfectly fine (so it seems It´s properly installed). In order to allow real-time schedulling option from Gnuradio, I installed at /usr/. as seen in GNU Radio forums, in order to use sudo option an get real-time scheduling working.

However, on the VM real time works fine, and on RFSoC I am not able to get it work…


Needless to say I have asked on every forum related to GNU Radio and they have told me everything seems fine, I have included rtprio 90 at /etc/security/limits.conf (as suggested by gnuradio forums).

I also have checked for /proc/sys/kernel/ sched_rt files and they are the same at Ubuntu 18.04 VM and Pynq RFSoC…

Is there any issue at Pynqs Kernel that is not enabling real-time scheduling?

I have tried all I know, any suggestions are welcome.