How do I get ip_dict for my Kria KR260

On my Kria KR260 I’m loading the FPGA design using sudo xmutil loadapp.
How do I get the ip_dict for my design if the overlay was loaded using sudo xmutil loadapp?

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In the PYNQ framework, the ip_dict is a Python dictionary that contains information about the custom IP (Intellectual Property) blocks that have been added to the programmable logic (PL) of a Xilinx Zynq or UltraScale+ MPSoC.

Each entry in the ip_dict contains metadata about the IP block, including the name of the IP, the memory-mapped register address of the IP, the memory map of the IP, the number of input and output ports, the data type of the input and output ports, and the bit width of the input and output ports. This metadata is used by the PYNQ framework to generate a Python API for the custom IP block, which allows the IP to be controlled and configured from within a Jupyter notebook or other Python environment.

Once you have loaded your overlay, you can access ip_dict with the following example:
[1] ol = myOverlay(‘myXSA.xsa’)
[2] ol.ip_dict

You can open each level of the ip_dict and verify IP of your PL is present.


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Thank you for the great information!

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