How to send data from AXI-LITE port to PL and receive data from AXI DMA

Hi all,

I can not read data from DMA, and also I want to send enable data to my counter design by using axi lite ports. However, I don’t know how I can start to learn pynq basics. Could you help me please ?

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If you send data to PL via AXI-Lite, why would you want to receive data using AXI stream? I would say the easiest way is to do AXI Lite on both send and receive side.

In your program, you don’t need the input buffer since you are not transferring data from PS to PL (you are only doing the other way around).

Also, dmval is only a dictionary, not an object. The right way might be using overlay.test_module.axi_dma_0 object.

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This is just a simple design to learn basics of the pynq. In my main project, AXI-Lite is using for the configuration. However, AXI stream is using for data stream. This is why I tried such a thing. Anyway, I solved my problem. Thanks for your reply.

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