Is being a Python Developer a good career choice?

Hello All, Can anyone tell me, Is being a python developer a good career choice? I want to build a career as a python developer and I want to know the average salary of python developers in india as well as which skillset should be required to become a python developer? I have checked some articles like this source and It is very helpful but Is it the right choice to build a career as a python developer?

Yes, it is obviously a good choice as increasing demand for Python developers in India. Not only Python developer, but there is also scope for every kind of programmer in almost every country. But it is not always true as It’s all about your “skill”, “level” and the field you want to work in. Until then, you can’t really tell about what you will get as your salary (which also depends on the enthusiast & company you have in your city. E.g. what you can expect in West Bengal, you can’t expect that in Delhi.

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Thanks @mizan you are right it all about skillset, company, and level of experience.

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