Kernel Error with remote access

Hi There,

Have noticed a strange error appearing in my usual working set up that I’m not sure what may have started it

I have a Xilinx KV260 board running PYNQ connected to a linux (ubuntu) laptop via ethernet. After configuring the IP addresses I then go to the KV260’s address on the browser of my laptop, entering me into the jupyter mainpage. Perfect. However, When I open any notebook (and I can load and access the full directory of files on my board) this kernel error - trusted message appears in the top right where it would usually just say trusted.

Trying to do anything with the kernel (kill, reconnect etc…) has no effect, clicking on the kernel comes up this message:

The same happens if you try and add a new notebook to the directory

I can’t decode this message. The same thing happens at a new reconfigured IP. Interestingly the Notebooks work perfectly fine on the KV260 Ubuntu interface itself (through the browser).

Any help appreciated if anyone has seen it before.

Hi @cking,

Can you please try to flash a new SD card and install PYNQ?
Sometimes, the SD card gets corrupted.


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