Kria base overlay BUG?

Hi all,
my problem is related to Kria KV260 & Base overlay (GitHub - mariodruiz/Kria-PYNQ) & Vivado 2022.1.
Taking a look at the MIPI of the base project, there is a Subset Converter to swap the channels.

  • Input (MSB to LSB): R1 B1 G1 | R0 B0 G0
  • the swap is defined as TDATA remap string: tdata[15:0], tdata[23:16], tdata[39:24], tdata[47:40]
  • Output (MSB to LSB): B0 G0 R0 | B1 G1 R1

So, it produces a swap between channels but also beween pixels.

This can be seen in the images as a column artifact (see in the lower picture)

Modifying the remap to: tdata[39:24],tdata[47:40],tdata[15:0],tdata[23:16]
the result improves as can be seen in the upper picture

is it a BUG in the base project?

Hi @sergicuen,

Looks like a bug. Can you do a PR with the change?