Pciutils for PYNQ

I have PCIe working with PYNQ on the ZUBoard, but can’t figure out how to get the pciutils package and lspci function in the PYNQ rootfs.
I have updated the Petalinux XSA, Device Tree, and config to include PCIe and pciutils.
I have added a meta-user script to build pcieutils.
I have added it to the stage 4 spec for the board.
STAGE4_PACKAGES_ZUBoard_1CG += pciutils

The PYNQ image still doesn’t have pciutils even though the PCIe works, and will not install pciutils.

Okay, the best way to get ‘lspci’ on the current PYNQ image is to just build it locally on the ARM processors.

git clone https://github.com/pciutils/pciutils.git 
cd ./ pciutils 
sudo make install 
sudo lspci -v



Good to see you resolved this.
This looks like a nice project. Perhaps you could share it back to the community here when completed?