Problem with pynq-z2 AXI BRAM IP

Following video “Using PYNQ MMIO (Memory Mapped IO)”. When I get to looking at the ol? help. Under the IP Blocks section I do not see the DRAM IP listed. I have no problem with the GPIO and TIMER IP. I have tried even simpler versions but have never been able to get the BRAM IP to appear. I am using pynq 3.0.1 stock image and and Vivado 2022.1. Have not found error messages relating to this block, just a warning about unused address bits. I am including 3 files from a simpler version that just contains the BRAM block (no timer, gpio blocks). (99.8 KB)

In an effort to get this working I went back a version to pynq 2.7 and vivado 2018.2. The help display was quite a bit different, and I found I could read and write to dram. I went back to the 3.0 - 2022.1 versions and noticed I could also read/write there, even though the IP blocks listed does not contain an entry for bram.