PYNQ 2.6 Multicast Message to

PYNQ Version: 2.6
Board: Ultra96v2
IP Connection: USB Ethernet Adaptor

Via WireShark we have observed a message originating from our PYNQ board source address with destination address Some research yielded this message is coming from chrome/chromium and is related to chromcast connectivity. The message is sent every 120 seconds.

Can this message be disabled from being sent?
If not can the frequency of the message be set to a very long time?


Hi there,

Since PYNQ 2.7 we’ve switched away from chromium to firefox. If you are sticking with 2.6, and don’t intend on using the desktop environment/browser, you could always try uninstalling the chromium-browser package – should be as simple as apt-get remove chromium-browser.


Thank you for your timely response. I migrated my design to 2.7 last night in anticipation of 2.7 as the solution for the reason you stated; I hope all the IP configurations were retained. Will need to perform regression testing as well.
I removed the chromium browser from 2.6 as indicated and the Jupyter Notebooks pages are still served! Thanks again!