PYNQ-Z2 board advanced kit best price?


When I looked at the Farnell site (UK) the price was advertised as £161 and an option to get a 10% discount voucher once I register on the Farnell site. I was originally happy with this price.

However, when I registered online & tried to place an order the £161 price quoted was without VAT and the 10% voucher code cannot be applied for that order ! so total price with VAT was £193.20 !

Is this the best price I can purchase this board from a UK distributor (only Farnell seems to be the UK distributor).

Your prompt reply to this matter will be appreciated.

1M1-M000127DVA - Development Board, TUL PYNQ-Z2 Advanced Kit, Zynq SoC, Xilinx University, PYNQ Development

  • Manufacturer: TUL CORPORATION
  • Order Code: 2913033

Unit Price: [ £161.00 ](javascript:void(0):wink:

Line Price: £161.00

50B8EFB The voucher code entered cannot be used against this order.

|All Items Total (excl VAT):|£161.00|



If you only want the board, it is £104

You can get the other parts separately or you may have some already. The perspex covers are the only part that you can’t get somewhere else. You can 3D print your own if you have a 3D printer.


Hi Cathal, the £104 price for the bare board must be without VAT price!

£104 + £20.8 = £124.8

My choice could be to purchase the advanced kit which includes a stand for the PYNQ-Z2 board too.

Farnell offered 10% discount for 1st time registered users. I did register as me mentioned in my first message but do not qualify for the 10% discount when try to purchase the PYNQ-Z2 advanced kit board. I am querying this issue online with Farnell at the moment. Awaiting for their reply.

Farnell online chat service does not work. Sent them an email but no response yet.

Is there an 0800 Farnell tel number to be able to call them free from my mobile ?

I couldn’t locate an 0800 just an 0344 7111111 one …