Pynq-Z2 Raspberry Pi Header

Just a word of warning to anyone using the Pynq-Z2 RPi header and basing their work on section 18 of the PYNQ-Z2 Reference Manual v1.0 (17 May 2018). The pin assignments shown in that document are incorrect.

The schematic has the correct pinout, but it requires a little more work to decipher. I noticed this because the pins that are shared between the PMOD A connector and the RPi connector are not where the Reference Manual says they are.


Hi @Colorado_Rob do you happen to have the fixed pinout?
It seems the schematic doesn’t quite match either

Since this has continued to be asked, TUL accepted my feedback and created a new version of the document. For some reason they never linked to it on the product page. This is the revised manual with the corrected pinout.


Thanks a lot. This was extremely helpful :+1:

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