Sampling rate on ZCU208

Hey Guys,
So we have managed to put our hands on ZCU208.
We are trying to work with the base.bit supplied with the JupyterNotebook from the image supplied by PYNQ.

We are trying to Pull some IQ from the adc_block. However, the sampling frequency seems to be high.

We are trying to config the following setup-
Bandwidth - 56M
The sampling rate of - 61.44M

I would appreciate any help,
thanks a lot!

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The script sampling frequency and the sampling rate is the same thing?
Sound like you are probing some BLE CH?
Never used Xilinx RF SOC but the LO and baseband is a different thing.
Unless the ADC itself can really had sampling power up to GHz.
Most of the RF ADC will IQ-demo and only sample baseband stuff under my understanding.

100% sure not what you are looking for.
But maybe a side discussion could help.

Enjoy~ =]

Hey Brian,
Thanks for the response.

that’s my question; the sampling rate around 61.44M is different in 48DR because of the extremely fast sampling rate up to 6GSPS. The LO is implemented in the NCO, as far as I understand.


I dont think that series even got ADC with 6G sampling:

However, the TX is really grea.

This is different thing, if you incoming signal is already demo, then the 6GSPS is no longer required. All you need is just sampling the baseband interest frequency region. Of cause you need all 1st stage filtering and IQ alignment consideration.

What I understand is direct sampling is more like a spectrum analyzer (overkill all thing) rather than SDR application.


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The ZCU208 uses the 48DR (Gen 3 RFSOC). The DACs can generate signals upto 9.8GHz but the ADCs can only sample to 5.0GHz

What is the center frequency of the signal you would to process? If it is above 2.5GHz then you will have to consider sampling above Nyquist or what is referred to NZ1. Alternatively, you can down-mix before sampling by the ADCs. Please refer to the frequency planning tools of the RFSOC which will guide your setup and also assist in avoiding impairments. The frequency planning tool is an Excel spreadsheet and the Quickstart PDF.


FYI - Much better than the Excel spreadsheet for frequency planner is an updated tool you can download from the RFSoC Resources page. You will need to login first, but then download the RFSoC_FP_Planner tool. This tool uses an enhanced GUI but it is a Windows application.