Vitis Error while launching program on PYNQ-Z2

Hello, I’m running a hello world program on my PYNQ-Z2 board by following a youtube tutorial but I am experiencing an issue once I try to run the program in Vitis.
An error appears saying “Error while launching program: Memory read error at 0xF8F00208. AP transaction timeout”
My PYNQ board is working as I have ran programs on it using Jupyter Notebooks and I’m using the 2020.1 version of Vivado and Vitis.
Can anyone help me with this issue or share a tutorial with me that shows how to use PYNQ-Z2 and a basic program on Vitis.

Hi @Eoin,
What OS are you using? Is this a VM?
Are you able to see the serial port of the board?
Are the cable drivers installed?


Hi, the OS on the PYNQ board is Linux. I’m not sure about whether it’s a VM, is this important? I can see the the serial port of the board. The cable drivers are installed. I’m using v2.6 image on the sd card. Eoin

I meant what OS are your using in your personal computer where you are having the “Error while launching program: Memory read error at 0xF8F00208. AP transaction timeout”

Windows 10.

Do you see the COM port when the board is power on and connected to the computer with the USB cable?

I can see the COM port Mario. I can open a USB serial terminal using either Putty or Vitis to enter commands.

I have the same problem, at the same address, with a slightly different message “Error while launching program: Memory read error at 0xF8F00208. Cannot halt processor core, timeout”.
Also using windows 10. Both the PL and PS code build OK, the board is detected and the serial connexion works. However, it all fail at the launch stage, and the error message is rather cryptic.

Has the original poster solved his problem ?
Also, If anybody has a clue on where to search to track the problem ?

Hi Gael, I never found a solution to this problem sorry.

Hi Eoin,

First, thank you for your fast update.

Second, I just got my problem sorted out by moving a jumper to enable JTAG.
I Assume Vitis needs this to program the chip.
Your error is slightly different, but hopefully it may help you…


FWIW, I got the clue from here : Zybo Z7020 SDK Programming Issue - FPGA - Digilent Forum

Thank you, I will try what you’ve suggested.