ZCU111 RF data converter DAC max transmission speed?

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In my work. I need output signal data from RF data converter DAC, the required speed is near 2GHz. Actually, the RF DAC max sampling rate is 6GHz. therefore, it could support 3GHz signal in theory. I need to store the signal serial and transfer it to RF DAC. Therefore, the RF data converter IP is connected with DMA through AXI-bus. As you know, the DMA MM2S maximum supported speed is near 400MHz, So the RF DAC output data speed will be limited by DMA MM2S speed. If there is another method to break the speed bottleneck? The speed limit is the data transmission process. Thank you in advance.

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You are missing one dimension here, the datapath of the AXI4-Stream can be 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 bits.
So, even with 16-bit wide data path at 400 MHz, you can achieve 6.4 Gbit/s (16 * 400)


Hi, Marioruiz,

Thank you for your answer. As I understand, your explanation is about bit rate considering bit wide which is not what I want in this case. Actually, I need the RF DAC speed 3GHz, as you know, ZCU111 DAC is 14bit, so it will transfer received 14bit data from outside (e.g. DMA) to analog signal with 3GHz PLL clock. So the data entered into DAC has to be 3GHz clock speed and 14bit. I don’t know how to achieve it with so high speed.

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