Base Overlay's DFX AXI Shutdown Managers

Config: Kria KV260, PYNQ 3.0.1, Vivado/Vitis HLS 2022.1


I am looking to simplify a custom design from the base overlay design so I’ve removed the PMOD blocks. Can I also remove DFX AXI Shutdown Manager IP blocks and re-route the MIPI hierarchy block directly to S_AXI_HP1_FPD or would this break something during a PYNQ runtime?


Did you check the datasheet of this block DFX AXI Shutdown Manager IP, to know what is its purpose?

I left them intact to avoid issues down the road. Custom base overlay works! Thanks for the pointer.

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Hi @juanppalacios,

The idea of the DFX Shutdowns are to make sure there are no transactions in flight when downloading a new overlay. They are not mandatory.

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