Creating A DPU-Compatible Platform For PYNQ

Hi all!
In this tutorial, we will show how to create a custom hardware design with Xilinx’s DPU IP provided in the Vitis AI toolchain. Specifically, you can use this approach with any custom design which is Vivado compatible, and you can extend it to infer AI models.

Enrico Giordano MakarenaLabs


Good tutorial, thanks for sharing!

Can we access PYNQ DPU by a non-github repository?

What do you mean exactly? Do you have a problem accessing GitHub in general, or is it a problem accessing GitHub from the board?
You can download a zipped copy of a GitHub repository and copy to the board if that is the issue.



I was having some problem accessing github via terminal. I was able to solve this issue by download the zip file as you suggested.

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