Deploying custom DPU design on zcu104

Hello Guys,

I want to deploy a custom DPU design on m zcu104 because I want to use some GPIO.

I first tried to use this repo as a baseline to create the design and quickly realised that the zcu104 has less LUTs and LUTRam than the zcu102.

I now build my design with this
Repo as a baseline and successfully created a .bit and .hwh file. I am missing the .xclbin File. How do I create this and why do I need it ?

Is there maybe a better baseline to create my hardware design, maybe even something from Xilinx ?

Also is the way the arch.json is created recommended ?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Henning,

To generate an xclbin you would have to follow the Vitis flow and build a Vitis platform from your hardware design. The Vitis AI Runtime (VART) library that pynq_dpu uses under the hood needs the xclbin specified by the path in /etc/vart.conf.

You can check how we do it in the dpu-pynq repo, the flow is very similar to the Vitis flow I previously linked.

I believe the arch.json file is generated by Vitis and is specific to your DPU configuration. You will need it when compiling models to run on your design.


I tried that, but if I change the zcu102 Design to a zcu104 it does not fit the FPGA anymore. So I cant follow the Vitis flow.

I tried it with the resources I linked, but the PetaLinux fails to build. So I am clueless how I should progress now.

What DPU configs are you using? To fit it into your design, you could try to reduce the size of the DPU or reduce the number of DPU cores. I think the tutorial is using the largest DPU size B4096 and 2 cores.


Yes I think it uses the largest size.

Can I somewhere find the config the prebuild petalinux dpu for the zcu104 uses, because I want to benchmark vitis ai and dont want to reduce the dpu to much.

You can check the config in dpu-pynq, it should match the model zoo benchmark.


So I managed to fit the hardware design on the zcu104 with Vivado. Now I need to create a Vitis project. You linked this flow, but I dont see where I can load my vivado project? I thought the xsa file is enough to create a Vitis project? I am sorry I have never worked with Vitis before.

There is a section on integrating a custom platform in 5.4 in the Vitis flow, with a bit more info on platforms there. You could also potentially integrate your design by using the dpu-pynq makefiles if you replaced the dpu.tcl with your design (including the platform attribute settings).


That’s interesting. I didnt see that .tcl. I just need to add a gpio + slice and and external signal and the corresponding .xdc file. I will try to update the .tcl to my needs maybe I can accomplish that. Thanks for your help already. I will report back if I get it working.

I managed to get it working. I now got the .bit, .hwh and .xclbin. Thank you very much!
I pushed my changes to this repo if you want to check it out: GPIO-Added

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