Help for creating custom platform DPU Pynq


I want to create a custom platform that consists of the DPU, camera interface, pmod gpio, and custom accelerator image processing IP core.

I have learned and checked several tutorials, such as Step 1: Create the Vivado Hardware Design and Generate XSA — Vitis™ Tutorials 2021.1 documentation
Creating a DPU-Compatible Platform for PYNQ - MakarenaLabs

I followed the tutorial DPU-PYNQ/boards at master · Xilinx/DPU-PYNQ · GitHub, to generate the dpu overlay, and it works for kv260_som. in my observation, the script creates the vivado project with several clocks and implements dpu outside with vitis flow, is it correct, right?

I think I need to clarify some of my understanding, and I have several questions.

My understanding now, so we need to create the vivado project, and provide several clocks and interrupt controller as mentioned in the tutorial here step 1, then we prepare the vitis platform with build the project in Vitis IDE as shown in this tutorial. Finally we build the project with pynq automation as directed here in dpu-pynq/boards

is my understanding correct? could anyone give me hint if any miss or wrong step?

and also I have questions. So we implement DPU as RTL kernel, is it different with implement with IP core in vivado? will it consume the logic resource? how we know how much resource that will be consumed by DPU IP core if it will consume logic fabric?

Thank you very much.

Hi there,

Yes, you have the right idea. For the Vitis DPU flow, you would create a platform first, with however many clocks and interrupts you want to be made available to the kernel (i.e. the DPU) you will be linking into the platform. The initial Vivado platform project can have more than just clocks and interrupt controllers, you will put everything in there that isn’t the DPU or another Vitis kernel.

The resource consumption will depend on the DPU configuration determined by dpu_conf.vh and prj_config (each board has these in pynq-dpu/boards). Here’s a relevant forum post on DPU resource usage.


Hi Shawn,

Thank you very much for your answer. It really helps me.