ERROR: [HLS 200-101] 'set_directive_interface': Not enough required positional arguments

Hello folks.
I am going through this [Lab: Pynq Memory Mapped IO (s_axilite) — pp4fpgas 0.0.1 documentation] tutorial and when i get to the point where i have to Run C Synthesis the process exits with this error
( ERROR: [HLS 200-101] ‘set_directive_interface’: Not enough required positional arguments.)

from what i have read so far this is might be a file path error? my file path is

is there any problems i am overlooking here?

thank you

This is a HLS/tool question rather than a PYNQ question.
I’d suggest you try go through the labs again carefully, and if you still have an issue, post it on the Xilinx HLS forums.
To increase the chance of someone being able to help you, I’d also suggest you provide more info like which version of software you are using, your design and any other relevant info.


Thanks for your quick reply @cathalmccabe. I posted the question on the HLS forum as suggested and the problem was solved by changing my working folder to the C: drive.

thank you

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