How to create custom arch.json for custom DPU architecture kv260


So my aim is to get DPU Pynq to work on the kv260 board. previously, I got successfully implement a custom AI model for DPU pynq, and also able to create a custom DPU overlay with an additional IP core. I did it with the default DPU architecture for kv260.

But now I need to change the architecture of DPU from B4096 to B3136 to allow my custom IP core to fit into the overlay. i managed to create the DPU overlay with B3136 architecture for the kv260 board. I noticed that I should change the model also. That means I need to recompile my AI model in Vitis AI, right?
so what I understand is to change the arch.json file when we compile the model. Is it correct?
btw, how to create or customize arch.json for kv260 when I just change the DPU architecture into B3136? or can I find it somewhere in that file after the DPU overlay compilation?
please, anyone, help me to solve it.

Thank you very much for your time and guidance.

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I found the solution.

for anyone that is interested with this topic also, here is the explanation.
I compiled the AI model with Vitis AI 2.5, somehow the other versions like 3.0 and 1.4 does not work with DPU overlay in kv260. the arch.json for default kv260 consist of this line of word

    "target": "DPUCZDX8G_ISA1_B4096"

If you modify the architecture of DPU into B3136, then you need to change arch.json with this

    "target": "DPUCZDX8G_ISA1_B3136"
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