.hwh is provided but not recognized by Pynq

I am working on PYNQ-Z1 board and I’ve written a simple AXI Lite adder in verilog and connected it to the zynq PS. I’ve got a problem when i try to access its registers with “add_ip.register_map” I get the following error : “AttributeError: register_map only available if the .hwh is provided”, which I’ve already added with the same name as the .bit file. I assume that the .hwh file was already recognized by the board as the overlay is created without a error but somehow not by the function. Do you have any idea why this happened?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @HL_21,
Welcome to pynq forum. As the error stated, register_map only available if the .hwh is provided. In my opinion, for custom verilog code, you have not declared anything in hwh file about register information. You still can easily write/read with mmio access with the address offset you have set for the registers in your IP. E.g.: add_ip.write(0x00,0x01) or add_ip.read(0x04).


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