MIPI AR1335 IAS support


I have seen many examples using PCAM on Pynq, I am wondering if for KV260 the AR1335 sensor is supported on pynq. I want to read the pixels from the sensor, and after processing them with a vitis vision modules read the output in pythons.

I am wondering if there is an example with the AR1335 sensor. if someone can guide me, I would appreciate.

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Hi @Ricardo_Tapiador,

No, this sensor is not supported by PYNQ.
Some of the apps available for Kria support this sensor.

Please, check out the accelerated applications


Hi @marioruiz ,

Thank you very much for your answer, Would it be possible to configure the sensor via I2C, and read the frames through VDMA?
I am new to PYNQ, but if it is similar as petalinux, I think we could do that.

Hi @Ricardo_Tapiador,

Yes, this should be possible. I believe that you can find the designs on Xilinx Github.



Feel free to reuse these examples:

It is based on MIPI-CIS2.