Need Help: Processing file text in Pynq PL

Dear Master,

I am new in FPGA world and learning Pynq, vivado, vivado hls and such these time.

I have a problem though, when I was using VC707 to running my acceleration IP using FIFO to process regular expression from file to PS-PL via PCIE with xillybus is successfully working using driver to perform stream file from PS to PL.

However, when I have to use Pynq Z1 to perform such FIFO application with AXI Stream and DMA. I have no idea how to read file text as stream to be processed in PL.

Would you mind to help me?

Thank you.


I guess you can read text file as a numpy array. There are many references on the internet so I guess you can google them.

The xlnk.cma_array has the same type of API as numpy array so you can read files into it directly. Then use DMA to send it over to the streaming interface.

A working example can be found here.