Restore .img to microSD card

I am trying to restore the PYNQ Z2 .img file to my microSD card so that I can boot my Z2 board.

I am following the instructions at the link below on my Mac: Appendix — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq)

The instructions indicate that the microSD should be formatted as FAT32, which I do. However, it seems that the .img file provided by the website is formatted as FAT16, so the dd command then reformats the microSD card as FAT16. Once dd completes, I insert the microSD card into the Z2 and turn the Z2 on. The red light on the board lights up and then nothing else happens even after several minutes, so I assume the boot failed.

I assume the failure is because the microSD is formatted as FAT16? Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or if there is a different procedure to restore the .img file to a microSD card on a Mac?

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All the ways of writing the image will overwrite everything, so I don’t think the initial format of the SD card matters.

If you only get a red light, it looks like the board doesn’t (fully) boot.
Can you connect a USB and open a terminal to your board to watch the messages printed during the boot process?


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Maybe also check if the SD/JTAG jumper next to PMOD A is in the right position.

Thanks everyone. It turns out that the FAT16 format is fine. The problem was that the microSD card I ordered online arrived damaged. I bought a new microSD card and now everything is booting properly.

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