RFDC Start Up Fail - ADC 0 timed out at state 7 in XRFdc_WaitForRestartClr


I am trying to use PLL of RFDC in RFSoC4x2 board. In my design, I try to capture RF data from
both channels of ADC0 Tile 224 (ADC C & ADC D in RFSoC 4x2 reference manual). Clock configuration for RFDC is given below:

Before adding PLL to design, I was able to capture data without any issues. When PLL is added to design, my RFDC can’t startup. When I try to startup or reset I get the following error : "RuntimeError: Function XRFDC_StartUP call failed stdout: metal: error: ADC 0 timed out at state 7 in XRFdc_WaitForRestartClr"

I couldn’t find what exactly state 7 means. If you could help me with this issue and point to documentation about state errors, I would be grateful.

PYNQ version:3.0.1
Board: RFSoC 4x2


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